Every day, we supply and serve corporate, sporting clubs and charity events with hundreds of snow cones, popcorn and fairy floss to help:

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Here’s why they keep coming back and why hiring a fairy floss machine, popcorn machine, snow cone machine (or all 3) will BLOW UP the popularity of your event – no matter the industry!

1. Attention

Our commercial fun food machines get LOTS of attention when they’re set up. Kids know what they are straight away as do the adults (a.k.a your customers). Add one of our trolley carts and your store set up is even sweeter!

Popcorn Machine set up at Crocssamsung5 7 Reasons Why Fun Food Machines Will Explode the Popularity Of Your Next Event

Wherever you’re setting up, rest assured these machine garner attention…which is your goal! It’s thinking outside the box and if you’re a retailer for example, your competitors are probably not doing it!

2. Popularity

​The feedback we get from our customers is overwhelmingly that both the big kids AND little kids LOVED the carnival foods. 

Our range of carnival foods are universally popular. It takes an effort to find someone that doesn’t like either candy floss, popcorn, snow cones or even an ice cold slushie on a hot day.

At any event where either engaging a customer or raising funds, it’s a lot easier to attract to make money or bring in the crowds if it’s not just the children nagging parents for money:)

Popcorn Machine Hire - 2

3. Space

Our fun food machines don’t take up a lot of area so if you’re confined to a trestle table, shop corner or bench, we’ll make it work! Unlike barbeques, ​large props, promotional displays or jumping castles, fun food machines pack maximum punch from minimal area.

The only space issue you might have are the queues of people lining up into your store or event!

uq1 7 Reasons Why Fun Food Machines Will Explode the Popularity Of Your Next Event

4. Profits

If raising funds is your goal, fun food machine hire is one of the most best ways to get a return on your investment. Here’s the case study from another blog post we did (check out the other fundraising ideas here):


Movie night fundraisers are one of the most popular way schools and community organisations raise money. Brizzy Jumping Castles has been involved in a tonne of movie night fundraisers and they are always a success, raising valuable funds for a school project or community cause.

How do they do it? By selling the most wanted commodity at a movie – POPCORN! One of our most popular popcorn hire packages​ features 2 commercial grade popcorn makers with 300 servings of popcorn. Everything you need to make cinema quality popcorn including the kernals, oil, butter salt and bags is included and starts at only $275!

Now let’s do the math:

​Cost per popcorn serving = $275 / 300 servings = 0.92centsSale price per popcorn serving = $3.00 eachTotal $$ made if all 300 servings are sold = $900

Profit raised for fundraising event = $900 (total sales) – $275 (cost of popcorn machine hire) = $625 !!

Not bad for a few hours of popcorn making and don’t forget, there’s the sale of the movie ticket, lollies, auctions and so much more you can throw in to raise funds!

Also note – the more servings you get (larger popcorn hire package)​, the cheaper your cost per serving!

5. Ease of Use

We haven’t had a single person not be able to operate our carnival food machines!

Whilst all of our machines are commercial quality and built to pack a punch, our guided instructions upon set up help puts operators at ease and gets the maximum productivity out of every booking!

Ray Whites 21 X2 7 Reasons Why Fun Food Machines Will Explode the Popularity Of Your Next Event

6. Convenience

Everything you need to use our fun food machines is supplied as part of your hire package. Nothing additional to buy or organise!

The more time you have to organise other promotional activities, the more successful you’ll be and fun food machines help you achieve that. You tell us where to set up, put aside 10 minutes for a demonstration and you’re set!

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Martin Beeson

Bicycle Queensland

I just wanted to say how awesome Gavin was at our event with the popcorn machine. He worked non stop until the crowd died down. He was really helpful and great interacting with the riders, set up and pack down was seamless too. Great service!

7. It’s just plain fun

You’ll be surprised about the momentum your fun food promotion will gather once people start consuming your offerings.

People usually follow other people (you’ve heard about “herd mentality”) and as soon as your first batch of freshly made popcorn or fluffy candy floss is handed out, the crowds will flock!

It’s a great ice-breaker for cold leads or a great gatherer of existing clients or employees as well! Almost like bringing the carnival to your own office or store!

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