Hiring a jumping castle is great fun and keeps everyone entertained at parties and events. If you’ve never hired a jumping castle before, you might be unsure of what you need to do before you hire or even dismiss the idea as too difficult.


​Hiring a jumping castle is great fun and keeps everyone entertained at parties and events. If you’ve never hired a jumping castle before, you might be unsure of what you need to do before you hire or even dismiss the idea as too difficult.

​We’ve put together a checklist of some of the basic things you need to check and some of our requirements before and during a jumping castle booking. If you’re still unsure, feel free to contact us for more details.

Required area to install the bouncy castle

All of the jumping castle and inflatable games listed on our website show a “Required Area”. This is the minimum area we need to safely install the jumping castle or inflatable game for proper use. For some inflatables, in particular high slides, the required area may seem a little excessive with comparison to the inflatable itself, however additional tie down points are required due to the height.

​Be sure to measure your yard or proposed area to ensure we can safely install your jumping castle.

Surface types for jumping castles and inflatables

We can install our jumping castles indoors, outdoors and on most surface types including grass, concrete, bitumen, carpet, timber etc

When booking, our team members will check your intended surface type to ensure we bring the appropriate anchoring equipment. Just remember to update us before your booking if anything changes.​

We won’t install our inflatables on sand, dirt, rocks or other sharp surfaces.​

Power requirements for your jumping castle hire

“How much power do we need for the jumping castle?” is one of the most frequently asked questions we receive.

All of our jumping castles and fun food equipment including fairy floss, popcorn, snow cone and cocktail machines operate on standard 10 amp power points (household outlets). The quantity of outlets required for your equipment can be found on the product page. If you’re unsure…just ask us.

One important note to remember is that power boards and double adaptors will more often than not, trip blower fans and sensitive equipment therefore we do not recommend them.​

Lastly…if you don’t have power at your venue (park for example), we can still help you by supplying a generator to power the equipment!

Deposit payments for your jumping castle or hire booking

Some jumping castle companies require deposits, others don’t. At Brizzy Jumping Castles, we believe that any professional jumping castle hirer should secure a deposit and it’s why we’ve always elected to request a 50% deposit with the balance payable upon installation on the day of your event.

Why? The answer is two-fold.

Paying a deposit secures the jumping castle you’ve selected, eliminates double bookings and therefore ensures what you book is what you get. We absolutely 100% guarantee you will receive the item you’ve booked because of this (check out our blog post on how many customers recommend us).

Transferring a deposit to a professional jumping castle company like ourselves, gives you peace of mind that we’ll turn up on your special day. It’s amazing how many calls we receive on a weekend with people begging and pleading to see if we can supply them a jumping castle last minute because their original supplier didn’t show up.

Be wary of “one-man bands” that don’t take deposits. You’re special event might just turn out to be a nightmare.

Contacting your party hire company

How difficult is it to contact your bouncy castle hire company? Either before, during or after a booking? We pride ourselves on customer service and offer our clients a host of ways to contact us – office, text, live chat or email. 

Throughout the booking process and leading up to your event, we’ll contact you on numerous occasions to confirm your booking, acknowledge deposits received and supply you with relevant information for the day. Be sure to check any correspondence and get in touch if you have any questions leading up to the event.

On the day of your event

With multiple crews and non-stop installations and collections on busy days, our delivery drivers are the key to ensuring your equipment is installed on time and securely. Their time is valuable and we need your help to ensure they’re not held up.

Once again, prior to your event, our friendly office staff will notify you of your exact delivery and install window as well as some important information to assist our drivers including:

We hope the above information has helped alleviate any concerns you might have over hiring a jumping castle in Brisbane! If we’ve missed anything or you’re uncertain, feel free to call us on 07 3177 3316!