Are you looking for quirky, original and affordable furniture for a special occasion or event? 

If you’re on the hunt for centrepieces, seating or accessories that will wow your guests and add a cool, rustic vibe, why not consider hiring some pallet furniture?

Pallet furniture is suited to a host of party themes, and it could be a fantastic addition to your next gathering! Not convinced?

Check out the 6 most common entertaining ideas our customers hire pallet furniture for to give you some food for thought..

Pallet Furniture Hire Brisbane

Corporate Events

If you’re organising a business event and want to impress clients & employees or create a stunning aesthetic that offers something a little different, pallet furniture is an excellent choice! Pallet furniture works brilliantly for outdoor shows, team building as well as social activities,  such as hosting a day at the races or even setting out a stall at a fair or show.

You can use pallet furniture to create temporary bars and seating areas, display products and showcase promotions or to create a theme that matches your brand and turns heads. Pallet furniture works brilliantly with other popular outdoor party hire items, for example, artificial grass, parasols and umbrellas and wine barrels.

Pallet Furniture Hire Brisbane

Backyard Parties

If you’re looking to inject some seriously cool, rustic, laid-back vibes to your garden gathering, you cannot go wrong with pallet furniture.

You can use pallet furniture to offer alternative additional seating, to hold drinks and cups or even to create your own bar for the night.

Add fairy lights or festoon lights for low-key drinks or afternoon tea, or inflatables and disco lights for a funky pool party!

This type of party set-up is super popular with birthdays, special events like engagements and even children's parties.

Mix and match a pallet furniture range to complete the look - think bench seats with pod chairs or cocktail tables for something a little more formal!

Pallet Furniture at Weddings

Weddings & Special Occasions

Outdoor weddings with a festival vibe and celebrations with an industrial-style edge have become incredibly popular.

If you’re planning an informal, al fresco gathering in a meadow, woodland or farmhouse setting, or you’re looking to spruce up a warehouse for a cool, modern wedding, pallet furniture is the perfect option.

You can use pallets to provide seating, to create unique tables, or to offer a comfortable base for chilling out and giving your feet a rest from the dance floor.  

We've seen so many brilliant layouts using pallet furniture at weddings and special occasions, your imagination really is the only limit when decorating your event!

Add them inside or outside your wedding marquee, provide shade with market umbrellas on a hot day and fancy up the seating with some various cushion types!

Pro Tip - we have both beige and dark cushion colours for our pod seats that look spectacular!

Pallet furniture is also great when attempting to create an al fresco area if you’re having an indoor wedding. If you’re getting married in a hotel, a barn, or a restaurant, for example, you can set up pallet tables and benches to enable guests to get some fresh air, soak up some rays and catch up with friends away from the speakers and the classic wedding playlist.

With this option, you’ve got the best of both worlds, and you can easily add shade with umbrellas or warmth with patio heaters to cater for all eventualities.

Birthday Parties

It’s your birthday, and what better way to celebrate than getting your friends and family together? Whether you’re hosting a party inside or outside, pallet bars are a brilliant idea. They’re quirky and different, they’re affordable, and they require very little effort in terms of preparation and clearing up the morning after.

Pallet drinks bars, pod seats and cocktail tables are perfect for the older crowd whilst a mix and match of pallet furniture also works for children's parties!

Pallet Furniture at Children's Birthday Party


If you’re exhibiting your wares, you want to stand out from the crowd and encourage visitors and shoppers to look twice.

It’s so important to be able to capture the attention of passers-by, and to ensure that potential customers or buyers take that next step and have a closer look at what you’re selling or offering. 

Pallets are hugely versatile, and they can be used to create striking displays that fit in with all kinds of different themes. Whether you’re selling clothing, cupcakes, or handmade jewellery, you can make pallets and pallet furniture work for you.

Pallet Furniture at Trade Show

Grazing Tables

Communal eating and sharing platters of food and small plates have become a popular feature of parties and soirees in recent years. If you’re arranging a casual get together with the girls, planning a wedding or looking for an informal alternative to a sit-down dinner, it’s really easy to create grazing tables using wooden pallet furniture! You can create all kinds of shapes and design a layout that means that everyone has access to the delicious delicacies on offer.

Party planning is hugely exciting, especially if you’ve got a theme in mind. Pallet furniture is a great option that is well worth exploring if you’re going for a rustic, informal vibe, or you want to add a cool, industrial, or natural edge to your gathering. So whether you’re organising a wedding, a corporate event, an exhibition or an outdoor get together to celebrate your birthday, you can easily create an incredible aesthetic with pallet furniture.

For help and assistance organising your next event with pallet furniture, call us today on 3177 3316 or contact us here.

A tight knit team that can effectively work together is essential to most workplaces, especially those that rely on intercommunication and team work to get the job done. This bond among the troops is something that grows with time, but there are lots of activities that can help speed it along. Here's our top 5 inflatable ideas that will not only make for a brilliant team bonding experience, but also a super fun day away from the computer!

Inflatable Obstacle Course Challenge

A sure-fire way to build your team’s communication skills is by putting them through a series of obstacles. Our obstacle courses are the perfect setting for a race of two teams. You could make it a straight team race to grow support within the team and as a bonding exercise, or you could add some variations to make it a little more challenging. 

Adding a blindfold to the situation would require the other teammates to guide the racer through the course, building communication and trust within the group. Another option is to make it a relay, relying on patience and support to encourage each team member individually.

Inflatable Obstacle Course Hire Brisbane

Bubble Soccer

Another physical activity that requires little to no skill is Bubble Soccer. It is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: you play soccer in a bubble, or 12 individual bubbles to be exact. This one is great for bonding and having a laugh together. 

Though the players will be in two teams of six (or less if needed), all skill and competitive edge is made redundant by the fact that you are enclosed in a large inflatable bubble, trying to play soccer without bumping in to all the other bubbles running around.

Don't need the inflatable soccer field? No problems...we'll set out a perimeter for your teams and you can just bowl each other over:)

Bubble Soccer Brisbane

Gladiator Jousting

The inflatable Gladiator Cage is hilarious one-on-one action where opposing players try and knock each other off an inflatable podium. Pair up HR with Accounts and see who comes out on top!

It's super safe yet competitive and definitely one of our most popular team building inflatables for corporate days! Grab a stick, enter the arena...then attack your work mates in either our 5 x 5 inflatable cage or 6 x6 arena!

Inflatable Gladiator Jousting

Inflatable Meltdown

Again, super competitive, our Inflatable Wipeout game allows up to 8 players at any one time to duck, jump and weave against an operator controlled set of spinning poles. Sounds easy but the operator has the power to make them spin left or right, fast or slow and everything in between!

Hilarious to watch and challenging to play, the person who can remain standing on their podium the longest, wins! Take out the office trophy if you've got the energy! 

Inflatable Wipeout Meltdown - Brisbane

Human Foosball

Brand new to Brizzy Jumping Castles is our 8 player Human Foosball. Foosball tables are those cute little table top games where the aim of the game is to use the control handles to move the ball into the opponent's goal with fixed players (attached to the handles).

The difference here? The players are real life humans aka, you and you're "fixed" via way of bungee rope so you can only slide side to side with limited motion. Do your best to outscore your workers!

Human Foosball Inflatable

When it comes down to it, sometimes the best team building experiences are just being together as a team in a non-workplace environment and having a bit of fun. This can build deep connections and establish a good comradery amongst the team to help when things get tough in the office! 

These inflatable activities are just a few ways to add a little excitement and encourage conversation between both new and existing employees so plan a day out at a park or have us come to you! Talk to one of our team members for more party and team building ideas at your workplace!

If you’re looking for the perfect lighting option for an event or a special occasion, have you thought about festoon hire? 

Festoon lighting is a versatile option for parties, gatherings, and weddings that is guaranteed to create an incredible aesthetic and set the right tone!

Simple to set up, expandable to hundreds of metres and can be set up in any way that suits your event, festoon lighting is really a game changer when it comes to setting up your party!

Festoon Lighting Hire Brisbane

Introducing festoon lighting

Festoon lights are often known as party lights because they’re an incredibly popular option for outdoor celebrations and special events. These attractive, functional lights are made from strings of bulbs, which are suitable for all kinds of environments. There’s a huge range of styles available, and you can choose from round or oval-shaped bulbs, selecting lights that suit the vibe or theme of the occasion and the choice of venue.

Festoon lighting is often recommended for al fresco parties, weddings, corporate events and special occasions because it’s capable of weathering the elements, it enhances the look of the venue and it adds ambience.

Festoon & Fairy Lighting Hire Brisbane

Why festoon lights are a perfect addition to your next event

Lighting plays a crucial role in setting the tone of the event, as well as ensuring that your guests are able to see where they’re going. If you’re planning an outdoor event, you want people to be safe, but you also want to create the right atmosphere and the perfect aesthetic.

Festoon lights are a fabulous addition to outdoor parties and events because they work in every setting, and they’re versatile. They complement different types of decorations, they fit in with a range of themes, and they can be added as a statement centrepiece or as a subtle decorative touch. From rustic tea parties (check out our wine barrel hire!) to raucous pool parties and festival-style weddings to opulent birthday celebrations, festoon lighting ticks all the boxes.

As well as looking the part, our festoon lights also offer a broad spectrum of additional benefits. They are made from durable, hard-wearing shatterproof glass, feature low-voltage LED bulbs, and run off a transformer that can be plugged directly into any standard power point!

You can also customise your party lighting options to suit the individual occasion. If you’re hosting a laid-back party in the garden, dim the bulbs for a cool, tranquil atmosphere. If you’re planning an action-packed all-nighter, turn up the intensity and keep the party going until dawn (why not try our coloured bulbs!. Our festoon lights are weatherproof, and they can be used for just about any outdoor occasion imaginable.

Coloured Festoon Lighting Hire Brisbane

Are festoon lights the right choice for you?

If you’re planning a party or organising an event, you may be thinking about what kind of lighting will work best. The beauty of festoon lighting is that it suits every venue, and it can be styled and customised to fit in with different themes and celebrations.

Whether you’ve got a few friends coming round for a couple of drinks and a barbeque, or you’re organising an event at a restaurant or club with hundreds of people expected to attend, you can add serious visual appeal and atmosphere with festoon lighting.

If you’re looking to light up your next event and get the party started, why not consider festoon light hire? We hire our commercial grade festoon lights in 20 metre lengths that can be linked together and stock hundreds of metres at any one time! Talk to us today about adding some festoon lights to your next event!

Tiffany chairs, also known as Chiavari chairs, are an incredibly popular choice for weddings and special occasions. 

If you’re thinking of decking out or adorning an event space or a wedding venue with Tiffany chairs, here’s a useful guide to the history of this famous chair and some examples of events they can be used for.

Additionally, the range of options available in both colour and cushion type mean you really can match these to any type of function, formal or informal!

White Tiffany Chiavari Wedding Chair Hire Brisbane

An overview of the Tiffany Chiavari chair

Originally known as Chiavari chairs, Tiffany chairs date back to the 19th century. The earliest design is said to be based on the creative influence and artistry of an Italian designer known as Giuseppe Gaetano Descalzi, who hailed from the town of Chiavari. Mr Descalzi was invited to conjure up ideas for a new chair, which offered a simpler alternative to the Empire Chair, a style that was very popular at the time.

Over the years, the popularity of the chair grew rapidly, and it became affectionately known as the Tiffany chair. Once made by hand, these chairs are now mass-produced, but they have retained an undeniable sense of understated elegance.

The Tiffany chair is a lightweight chair, with a slatted back. Typically made from light wood (or these days - poly resin), Tiffany chairs are hugely versatile, as they can be decorated with bows, ribbons, and floral garlands, and you can choose cushions in a range of colours and styles.

Tiffany Chair with Decorations

Why are Tiffany Chiavari chairs so popular?

Tiffany chairs are a hugely popular wedding chair because they look elegant, they’re versatile, and they tick both the style and substance boxes. These chairs look beautiful, but they’re also comfortable, and they can be transported and stacked easily, which makes setting and clearing up less time-consuming.

With Tiffany chairs, there is scope to personalise the look of any venue, as you can select different coloured cushions, and you can add decorations to match a theme or carry a specific colourway. If you’re staging a country wedding, for example, and you’ve got vases, buckets, or tins full of wildflowers on the tables, you can hang a garland around each chair as well as decorate the venue with wine barrels as an example.

Alternatively, for a chic, modern birthday celebration or wedding, you could add a sash or a delicate bow. Chiavari chairs also represent good value for money, and they are an affordable option for couples looking to plan a wedding that won’t blow the budget.

What kinds of events can Tiffany chairs be used for?

One of the most appealing advantages of a Chiavari chair is its versatility. From modern to rustic venues and weddings to birthdays, corporate events and garden parties, these chairs are an excellent choice. This type of chair can be used both indoors and outdoors, and you can dress the chairs to suit any kind of occasion.

As the design is modest and stylish, it will suit all weddings, from lavish, opulent affairs to intimate, low-key celebrations. You can also mix and match cushion colours or opt for simpler options like white or gold.

If you’re organising an event, or you’re in the midst of putting the final touches to planning a wedding, it’s well worth exploring the option of Tiffany Chiavari chairs. Take a look at our range of Tiffany's here and then build a quote for your function all online!

Party planning is an art and one that can be hard to master. It may seem simple when you get roped into hosting a Christmas party or decide to call your friends over for last minute drinks, but to carry off a successful party there is a lot of work involved. Just a little planning and preparation can be the difference between an out-of-control mess and a successful evening that won’t have you cleaning up for weeks to come.

Here we will run you through the basics of everything you need to think about for your upcoming party. Obviously, not everything will apply to every party, for example, if you are throwing a small gathering you probably won’t need security, and kid’s parties generally don’t call for cocktails. This is simply a comprehensive list that will provide you with a how-to guide and checklist to make sure that your next bash runs smoothly.

The Party Guest List

Party Planning Guest List

The first step to throwing a successful party is having guests. Who you invite will establish the tone of your party more than anything, so choose who you invite wisely.

This means mapping out who specifically you want to come and making a definitive list. The biggest mistake is to make it an open invite, giving you no control over who will and won’t turn up, which ultimately takes away all control of your party.

Another easy mistake to make is forgetting someone important, especially those family members that can just slip your mind but create massive dramas when excluded. Take the time to think about it and make a list so that the only people who show up will be the people you want there.

Party Invitations

RSVP Party

Don’t make the mistake of sending out a group message on Facebook only for it to get lost amongst the ever-constant flow of memes and banter. Invites are a good tool to solidify your party plans.

The general rule here is that the more legitimate your invites look, the more seriously they will be taken. A Facebook event is a good option for a casual get together where you don't need to know specific numbers.

If you are hosting a party with a sit-down dinner, your best bet is a formal invitation sent through the mail with compulsory RSVP.

There will always be some that show up unannounced but putting it down on paper means that people have to physically hold and consider the invitation rather than just absentmindedly seeing it while scrolling through Facebook. This makes for a more accurate read of who will and won't turn up.

Plus, written invites are a great way to introduce a theme to your party and give a brief overview, ensuring people don't show up over or underdressed or expect too much or too little in any regard on the day.

Event Timing

When creating your invites and choosing the date, make sure you give both yourself and your guests enough time before the party. Nobody is likely to show up if you are sending out the invites two days before the big night.

On the other hand, if you are organising just a casual get together but send out the invites months in advance, people are likely to forget by the time the date swings around.

Keep this in mind and make sure you choose a date where people are likely to make it. Sunday nights are never a good option for an all-nighter. Also, give yourself time to prepare or your party could end up being a complete mess.

Did you know you can check the availability of our party hire equipment online in real time?

Security For Your Event

Event Security

Depending on how big your party is, you might want to invest in some security.

This includes everything from adult supervision at a kid’s party, to bouncers at the door. Whether it is a friend, your Dad, or a professional security guard, it is important to determine what is appropriate and necessary for your party. 

A basic rule of thumb is to keep a 15 to 1 ratio of guests to hosts/supervisors/security at all times. Keeping that ratio guarantees that the party won't get out of hand, which is especially important when renting a venue that you are liable for or using your own home. There are plenty of great security companies around Brisbane if you think your party calls for a pro, but even calling upon close friends and family to keep an eye out can ensure your party runs smoothly.

Party Venue

Picking a venue is an extremely important part of the party process. Whether you are hiring a hall, booking a function room, or using your own home, there are a number of things worth considering when finding the perfect space.

Whether indoor or outdoor, the temperature is an important thing to consider when looking at venues for your party. A party in a hall in the middle of summer can be horrendous if you have nothing to cool your guests down, just as an outdoor party in winter can have them huddling in a corner for warmth. Check if your space has air conditioning and, if not, make sure you hire whatever is most appropriate to keep your guests happy. Patio heaters are a perfect option for garden parties, and just a simple fan can do wonders in summer.

Portable Patio Heater Hire Brisbane

The most important part of finding a venue is ensuring it will fit all of your guests. You don’t want an over-crowded room, but empty spaces everywhere don’t create the right vibe either. Estimate how many guests you will have and make sure there is enough space for everyone to comfortably fit. A good idea is to separate the space into different areas, with a dance floor and a seated area being good places to start. This provides your guests with options so that they can choose where to spend their night, making them more comfortable.

Another great area to designate, especially in an outdoor setting, is a smoker’s area. It is a fact of life that there will be those who wish to smoke at your party and it is best to designate a space for it ahead of time. This ensures that you don’t end up with cigarette butts all over the venue and a smoky haze throughout the night. Make sure you also keep in mind the dimensions of anything you want at your party, it would be a shame to have to go without your dream jumping castle just because there isn’t enough space!

Light Up Wedding Letters at Party Venue

The worst thing for guests at a party is not having enough seating. People need a chance to rest their feet, but you also don’t want the whole party sitting down at once as this creates a sleepy vibe, which is never what you want in a night out. Having chairs for just over half of your expected guests will provide ample opportunity for them to rest their feet while keeping the sitting to standing ratio on point.

If you are having a sit-down dinner or something similar you will, of course, need to ensure there is enough seating and tables for all of your guests, plus 10%. This 10% buffer will ensure that even if there are stragglers and those who definitely did not RSVP, you will still have a place for them. Other often overlooked furnishings that are integral to a good party area are plenty of surfaces. This can be bar tables, coffee tables, banquet tables or any other sizeable surface people can gather around and rest their drinks on.

If you are hosting your party outdoors, protection from the elements is a must have. If you are hosting during the day, the Australian sun can be a killer, even in winter, so hire a marquee or something similar to give your guests some respite from the blaring sun.

Don’t think you can get away with no cover at night, a garden party under the stars is a beautiful idea but a drizzle of rain can cut your evening drastically short. It is worth getting some coverage no matter what the weather report says, just in case.

​​​​​Confused about marquee hire?

Check out our guide to hiring the right type of marquee for your event >

Seems simple, but an often-overlooked necessity is accessible facilities. If you are hiring a venue, make sure you check out the loo situation before you commit, if there is only one shared toilet at the back of the room for a party of 50 plus people, you may have to reconsider.

For home parties of this size, you may not want all of your guests trudging through the house and getting lost or peeping into bedrooms, so hire a few port-a-loos to make everything a bit easier. If the event is small, just make sure you give the bathroom a good clean, have some air freshener on hand for guests to use, and put up signs so you don’t have to constantly give directions whenever somebody needs the loo.

Party Food & Drink

A party without food and drink is, quite simply, a massive let down. It doesn’t have to be a feast, but if there isn’t at least a bowl of chips floating around you will most definitely have people sneaking away early for some cheeky Nandos, leaving your party as empty as their bellies. There are a few things to organise when it comes to feeding a party of people, and multiple roads you can take to provide this basic party necessity.

The easiest but dearest option is catering. If you know how many guests you are likely to have, you can ditch the hard yards and hire a caterer. This is a fool-proof way to make sure everyone is fed while allowing you the freedom to enjoy your party. Caterers will ensure that the food is good quality, make enough to serve the number of people there, and handle all of the messy clean-up after. This route does come at a price, but if you are hosting a formal dinner for a large party it is well worth it.

Letter Light Hire - Food Board

If you are going the DIY route, you will have to organise a few things for yourself. After deciding what you would like to serve, you must then figure out a way to serve it. A great easy serving technique is a classic buffet-style spread. Lay all of the party food out on one or more tables, and intermittently take a platter around to your guests. You may need to hire serving platters and a whole lot of tongs, but this is definitely cheaper than catering.

The hardest part of providing your own food is the preparation. You need to ensure that you have made enough food for all of your guests, that it is coming out at the right time, and that it tastes good. If you are lacking in cooking skills it is ok, you can’t really go wrong with cheerios and party pies, just don’t keep your guests waiting. Food should be available within the first hour of your party, any longer than that and people get antsy.

Try to stagger the arrival of food throughout the night instead of introducing it all in one wave. This will keep your guests grazing which will satiate their appetite throughout the party. If you would rather enjoy your guest’s company than slave away in the kitchen, a great option is a good old BBQ. This will create a focal point as people love gathering around a barbie (and who knows, you might even get away with someone else volunteering to do all the work!).

Food Preparation at a Party

Keeping food at the right temperature is paramount for tasty hors-d'oeuvres. I think we can all agree that there is a world of difference between a crunchy and hot party pie, and a stale cold one that is left on the platter at the end of the night.

Same goes for a melted ice-cream cake. Controlling the heat and chill factors of your food comes down to timing and preparation. Make sure you have a few rented bain-maries if you will be serving a heated banquet throughout the night and keep the ice-cream cake in the freezer until you are ready for it.

Another great tip is to stagger your heated nibbles throughout the event. Bring out the party pies in rounds, each freshly baked, so you don’t end up with a plate of limp, cold pastry by the end of your party.

Don’t think you can get away with serving only food on the night. Drinks are important at any party, from hydrating hyper kids after a jumping castle workout, to providing a social buffer for ill-acquainted adults. It is important you set up the expectation of drinks when you send out the invites.

A classic rule of thumb when it comes to parties with alcohol is that, if you decide to make it BYO, the host provides non-alcoholic drinks and mixers for their guests. If you are going to provide alcoholic drinks, there are a couple of rules of thumb to follow.

Make sure you have plenty of drinks to go around for the entire length of the party. This means stocking up on the basics like beer and wine so that they are always on hand (plus, they are a whole lot cheaper than spirits). 

If you want to serve spirits, be mindful of people making their own drinks.

A common trend at parties when people hear ‘free bar’ is to go ham on the sauce and end up needing a taxi called because they have fallen asleep in your veggie patch. Hiring a bartender (or recruiting a friend as one) is a good way to avoid this scenario.

Another option is to hire a Slushie Machine to make the cocktails, this way you get to control exactly how much alcohol is in the entire batch.

The most annoying thing for the host is when people keep asking you for another drink. You end up running backward and forward and becoming the personal server of every guest at the party. This can be avoided in a couple of ways. If the event is large enough and calls for it, then you can always hire waitstaff, but for most parties, a self-serving station is more than appropriate.

Set up a bar with glasses at one end and drinks at the other. Beers are perfectly stored in eskys or if you want something more visually pleasing, some half wine barrels filled with ice. Make sure you have a couple of bottle openers and corkscrews at the ready so that people don’t have to ask you for a thing.

Party Theme

Party Hire Themes

Depending on the type of party you have, a theme can make all the difference. Themes obviously do very well at children’s parties and are easy to pick based on their favourite book/show/movie of the month. For adults, themes can be a touch trickier to settle on.

A good way to decide on a theme is to look online for inspiration and picture what you want your event to look like. If the aesthetic fits with any one theme in particular, then you know what to go with. Having a theme is also a great way to set up an expectation for your event and give your guests some understanding of what they are walking in to.

Event Entertainment

Jumping Castle Hire Brisbane

Good entertainment is the perfect way to liven up your event, especially if you are worried the guests may get bored or restless. For kid’s parties, this is a given, you have to have games, goodie bags, and if you have a jumping castle your kid will think you’re a superhero (did you know we have over 60 inflatables and jumping castles available for hire?). For more mature aged events, entertainment is more or less optional. Having something like a band or DJ provides a great focal point for the party, giving people somewhere to direct their attention if there is ever a lull in the conversation. 

Another option is to prepare some party games. These can coincide with a theme if you have chosen one, but if not, photo booths always do well. Another cute idea for a sit-down dinner is to put little games on each table such as Jenga or cards so that people can play at their leisure.

You might also want to hire a photographer so that people can have something to remember the night by. The only must-have entertainment for nearly every party is music. Even if it is just a playlist, some soft tunes in the background make the difference between a comfortable silence and awkward crickets.

Decorations For Your Party

Lighting Hire Brisbane

Every party needs a little bit of flair to spice the place up. If you are hiring out a swanky space then the job is done for you, but for an event at home or at a basic venue there is a lot you can do to dress it up.

Lighting is always a key way to decorate, with strung lights and fairy lights currently in style at most events. For kid’s parties, streamers and balloons are your basic go to, but it would be understandable if you want something more understated than that for an adult event.

Wine barrels used as bar tables are a great way to introduce some décor items in a functional way and topped with a flower arrangement they can make gorgeous statement pieces. The real key to decorating your event with style is to make sure that everything is clean, tidy, and consistent. Even if you are going for the rustic or eclectic vibe, make sure that all of your mismatched elements are consistent throughout so that the style of the event is clear.

Wine Barrel Hire - 4

Event Budget

No matter what type of event you are throwing, it is always worthwhile to set a budget from the get-go. This will ensure that you don’t overspend on the small stuff and that you keep track of all the expenses that can add up when planning a party.

As soon as you decide you are hosting an event, have a dollar figure in your mind of how much you are willing to spend. This can always be changed later, but having that fixed amount keeps things in perspective. Plus, it automatically makes you think more about what you are spending so that you don’t waste money on all the tiny details that, though individually not much, can take up a large chunk of your budget if you get carried away with them.


Last but not least, every party needs a plan. This can be as detailed as a printed out itinerary for guests, or as simple as a vague idea of when you want to start rolling out the food. The important thing is that the event isn’t aimless. For kid’s parties, an order of events is essential so that as they tire of one thing you can quickly grab their attention with the next activity, with time flexibility being key here.

The same can be said for other parties. If your guests seem to be enjoying themselves there is no point rushing them into an activity, and if they are getting bored earlier than you would have thought you might want to start the next step a touch early. The main thing is to have a basic plan so that the evening isn’t totally directionless but to be flexible enough so that people enjoy themselves.

That is our complete and ultimate list of all the main things to think about when hosting your next party! If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call or check out our other articles for more inspiration for your next event!

Fetes are a charming way to celebrate community, spread awareness, and raise funds for good causes. They are also a whole lot of fun when done right! The tricky part is knowing where to start. You know how many people are expected and have ideas on how to raise money, but the planning of the actual event can be overwhelming, to say the least. Fear not, that’s where we come in! Having contributed to quite a few fetes ourselves, we know a bit about how to get them going and all the must-haves that will make your event a hit. Here is your ‘How To’ guide for creating a brilliant fete.

Inflatables at a School Fete

Selecting the fete venue

First up is the venue. If your fete is for a school or something similar with a large area perfect for a school fair, then the choice is obvious. In most instances, that means the school oval. For some events though, a location isn’t so readily available and other plans must be made.

We recommend that you have a look at your community’s neighbourhood. The most important thing about fetes is to keep it local, nobody will be driving out to woop-woop on a whim. You want to make the spot convenient for your community, as well as potential passers-by. A good idea is to inquire about local parks or schools that are large enough to accommodate however many people you are planning to attract.

Council parks usually require an application for a permit. Be sure to contact your local council and submit your application in time as these may drag out! If you're considering hiring inflatables for your fete, power is usually the single most crucial factor to be aware of. Naturally though, we're able to assist even when power isn't readily available at your location (power should be available within 25 metres for all activities). From 2 outlets, to 20 outlets, our experience over many years of hosting large inflatable events means we've got you covered.

Food for your fete

School Fete Party Hire

By far one of the most important things to consider is food. A fete is quite simply not a fete without plenty of food to go around. If your budget allows it, we recommend having a browse of Brisbane’s food trucks. They are a great way to supply food to the masses without having to organise any equipment or manpower.

For a simpler, more traditional route, volunteer stalls are a fantastic way to get the community or school parents more involved with the fete. We hire out a range of fun food machines that are absolutely perfect for a fete. The classic fete fair can be achieved with our Fairy Floss Machines​ and Snow Cone Machines, guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone with a sweet tooth. We also hire out Popcorn Machines, which we recommend pairing with our Slushie Machines to match the salty with the perfect amount of sweet. To add some substance, hire our Hot Dog machine to keep everyone full.

Rides and entertainment for your school fete

Inflatable Games for your School Fete

Now we can get onto the fun stuff – rides and entertainment! While rides such as ‘The Vomitron’ sound appealing to kids, I think the parents of said children would be grateful if you went for something a little less intense but with just as much fun!

Here at Brizzy Jumping Castles we, of course, rent out a whole range of different Jumping Castles for you to choose from. This is a great option for a fete because, as well as injecting some much-needed fun, a bounce house will have the kids (and even adults) doing something active and energetic. Getting moving is not just a great thing for everyone to do overall, but it also is the perfect way to expend all that extra energy they are likely to have after the obligatory sugary treats that come with fetes. If you want to go one step further, we have a couple of games and rides that are perfect for attracting a crowd.

Atomic Mayhem Inflatable Obstacle Course - 4

Our inflatable obstacle courses are always a hit at big events and perfect as a high turnover activity which is what you're looking for with large crowds! These are a massive statement piece, big in size, bright in colour and spanning up to 30 metres long!

The premise is super simple, get through the obstacle course as fast as you can. With two lanes, people can compete alongside their friends to add an extra level of excitement, and as our obstacle courses are suitable for both kids and adults, everyone can join in the fun. Race your teachers or parents!

A great idea to further involve the community and raise funds is to have a charity race where two teams relay it through the course, aiming to emerge victoriously. People at the fete can sponsor different teams, or it can be purely for fun. A central event like this gives weight to the entire day, having a focal moment for people to wait for and draw them in, giving you a chance to say thanks and spread your message.

Another popular jumping castle for both kids and adults is the Hungry Hippos Inflatable Game. If you have ever played the original, just imagine it way bigger and inflatable. Oh, and you are the hippo! This is another one that inspires some healthy competition! Open to kids 10 and over, all players will be strapped to a bungee cord, fighting against it to collect as many balls as they can from the centre. Hungry Hippos is the perfect fete addition as it lets groups of friends compete against one another and has a set timer for each round, great for an event with such a high turnover! Check out the video below:

Have some space to fill? Another showstopper we have is Bubble Soccer. Choose to play inside an inflatable soccer field or let the kids roam free with a marked playing field and portable goals, Bubble Soccer is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. You play soccer, in a bubble (also known as a zorb ball). Our package comes with 12 zorb balls for two teams of 6 to wear and go head to head in the inflatable game of the century. Seriously, if you think soccer is easy, try it in an inflatable bubble (it also makes it way more fun!).

Play Bubble Soccet at your School Fete
Bubble Soccer Brisbane School Fete

We, of course, couldn’t do a 'How To' guide on fetes without including the fete staple, slides!

Slides are basically a fair necessity, they are perfect for younger kids to have a bit of fun too and are open to basically all ages.

We have wet and dry inflatable slides that have some great features, from a gigantic 5-metre-high drop to a themed pirate slide.

For summer we also have a collection of inflatable water slides perfect for keeping people cool with the water adding an extra level of fun.

Dual Lane Giant Slide - 3

The last and probably most important aspect you need to consider when planning anything from a school fair to an awareness building fete is the community surrounding it. What makes a fete great is the people that build it, run it, and come to it. Marketing your event is, of course, extremely important. Flyers in local hotspots, Facebook events, and email drives are a great place to start in spreading the news, but what is more important is involving the community in the planning and creation of the fete.

Ask around at local businesses to see if any would like to run their own stall, it is a great opportunity for them to advertise their business, as well as add more attractions to your event. If it is a school fete, enlist some of the local parents to run their own stalls. Simple games like lucky draw fishing and throw the ring on the bottle are an awesome addition to any fair, and who could pass up home-made sweets and treats when they are for a good cause?

There are of course a million things to think about when planning such a huge event, but hopefully, this has given you an idea of where to start. If you have more questions about how to make your fete the best yet, give us a call or email and we will be happy to pass on our experiences and recommendations!


Talk to us today about the types of inflatable games, rides and activities that would suit your school. We have over 5 years and 5000+ events experience in all types of events both small and large.

The humble marquee - an event necessity and usually one of the first things organised when planning or hosting an event. 

It's the "foundation" if you will and the one thing that every other details revolves around.

What style, what size, what colour, where should it go, closed walls, open walls???!!

After all, keeping your guests protected from the wind, rain and harsh Queensland sun is a must at any birthday, sports day, wedding, stall or corporate function!

Read on for the ultimate guide to hiring the right marquee!

Event Marquee Hire Brisbane

Let's start with the problem...not all marquees are built the same! Weak framework, paper-thin roofs and the need for an army of volunteers to assemble it, doesn't get your event off to the best start (usually bright and early as well!). 

Use this handy guide as your go-to when selecting the right marquee to hire to ensure it meets your purpose, budget and requirements!

Don't Stop The Party supplies three styles of marquees for your event: 

  • Pop up marquees - DIY for budget hire (we deliver, you set up). Don't mistake these for the cheap marquees you see around though! They are commercial quality and perfect for backyard functions, sports carnivals, fetes, food stalls, store promotions and more. Set up in under 5 minutes (we can install and pack down for an additional cost)
  • Commercial pagoda (or peak-top) marquees - feature a pointed roof top and clearspan floor space for decorations. Much like pop up marquees, they do have a centre support structure that may not suit pending the event. For fully open spaced marquees, see below.
  • Commercial structured marquees - Installed by our team members, these are heavier duty marquees for weddings, larger corporate events or any location, you're trying to make an impact. They're available in various span widths that are then constructed in "bays" depending on the length required. 

1. How big is the marquee you need to hire?

The first most important question could also have been - what is the intended purpose for hiring the marquee? This will determine both the type AND size you need. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the marquee to be used for a stall, promotion or display?
  • Do you plan on seating people underneath the marquee?
  • Are there set up restrictions where the marquee will be installed?
  • Do you need cover or separation from other marquees ie. walls to protect from wind or an adjacent marquee?

Generally a budget priced "pop-up" marquee is adequate for most school fetes, food stalls, store promotions, exhibition displays and backyard parties. Brisbane Event Hire stocks three sizes of pop-up marquees - 3 metre x 3 metre, 3 metre x 4.5 metre and 3 metre x 6 metre. You can of course arrange these together to extend the length of cover you require!

"Three by threes" are the most commonly used size at school fetes and food stalls. They allow a trestle table to be used for serving or display and leave plenty of space for busy volunteers and stock.

Pop Up Marquee 3 Metre

Move up a size or two and 3 x 4.5's or 3 x 6's are perfect for events where you either need to fit some guests underneath the shade or you need a nice open display to showcase your goods.

These are great for weddings, engagements, birthday parties, expos and more. It really comes down to what you need to display or how many people you need to cater for!

If you're setting up for a display or expo, consider what you need to showcase, how it's going to be set up, what material you may need to access and how you can best engage with potential visitors to your stall. 

Pagoda Marquee at Corporate Event

2. Setting up the marquee

Are you happy to set up on your own or do you require install? Do you have time available between delivery and your event starting? How many other things are you organising on the day?

Pop Up DIY Marquee 4.5 Metre - 4

Generally pop up marquees (our quality ones at least!) can be set up in a matter of minutes by either 1 or 2 people! Simply:

  • Unpack the marquee from the protective cover
  • Stand the marquee frame upright and pull each leg sideways to expand the scissor frame
  • Once fully expanded, throw the marquee roof over the marquee frame
  • Extend each leg frame upwards one at a time until the marquee is at full height
  • Secure the roof using the appropriate straps or hooks
  • Wallah! Done!
Setting Up A Pop Up Marquee
Settig Up A Pop Up Marquee

If you've got the time, then why not save on costs! It really is that simple with a QUALITY marquee. 

Hiring a larger commercial style marquee means likely more space, more options and a better design.

Most marquee hire companies will supply team members to set up and install these larger marquees to ensure they are both safe and erected to manufacturer specifications.

Pick a size, then sit back and relax while you watch your "mini house" get built:)

Setting Up A Commercial Marquee

3. Add-ons like walls for your marquee

Marquee Hire With Walls
Event Marquee Hire Brisbane

Surprisingly, marquees can come with an array of accessories or add-ons when hiring. 

The most common one is a side or back wall. Think about whether you require an enclosed set up or open style marquee.

This will depend on the type of event though usually stalls and exhibitions will at a minimum feature a back wall but also usually side walls in order to separate them from adjacent stall holders or potentially walls for every side so that they can be "locked up" overnight for security.

Hiring a marquee for your wedding or special event?

There are also walls available with windows or completely clear walls, roll up entries and so much more which is why selecting a structured or "framed" marquee supplies you with endless possibilities! 

It's even possible to mix and match! Maybe you want clear walls but a solid roof or vice versa...whatever the can be done!

Speak to your marquee hire company when enquiring. 

4. Structure/Strength of the marquee

So now that you know WHAT you want, you can compare WHAT you're getting for varying prices. Let's start with the pop up marquees!

Search online for pop up marquees or visit your local camping, auto or sometimes even the grocery store and you'll be inundated with cheap marquees for purchase or hire. Unfortunately, fancy marketing can sometimes disguise the true reality! "Deluxe", "Premium" and "Commercial" aren't always what they truly are.

There are only two main components to a marquee that you really need to be aware of - the frame and the roof. That's it! Both though are vital to how successfully your marquee hire is managed and how much trouble it will cause you on the day of your party or event.

The frame as with any construction is the single most important factor as it holds up the entire structure! "Cheap" marquees usually have thin framework which causes instability within the entire marquee. Pretty simple right? The thinner the legs and roof beams of the marquee, the WEAKER your marquee structure is. 

So what does that mean? It means a gentle knock from a passing patron could destabilise the marquee, too much weight on the roof causes sagging or an uneven frame due to weakness presents an unprofessional display. Let's not get into wind!

Compare the most common frames being advertised in the marketplace using the table below. We've used our 3 x 3 pop up marquee as an example:

Brand 1

Brand 2

Don't Stop The Party

Main Frame (mm)

30 x 30 x 0.6

30 x 30 x 0.6

45 x 40 x 0.7

Roof Beam (mm)

25 x 12 x 0.5

25 x 12 x 0.5

30 x 15 x 0.6

Build Material




Roof Material

210D PVC 3.5kg

150D PVC 3.0kg

600D PVC 6.0kg

^The above measurements relate to pop up marquees only.

In each measurement, there is a MINIMUM of 20% strength difference in the build quality - all of which affect the marquee's ability to withstand wind or rainy conditions, set up, durability and more!

The exact same theory can be applied to larger, commercial, wedding style marquees! Sure you can go to certain auction sites and find a "$200 wedding marquee measuring 18 metres x 9 metres" but the reality is, it's going to look more like a cheap car gazebo then a wedding centrepiece! One small gust of wind and the frame will likely bend in half.

Not sure what you're actually hiring? Just ask! Each company should know the specifications or at least be able to find out and if you focus on the above, you should be in good hands. Remember - cheaper is not always better!


For your next backyard party, school fete & more...

5. Set up environment of the marquee?

Where are you planning on setting up your marquee? It may sound trivial but different environments will require different types of set up or add-ons (such as weights on concrete).

Consider the following when finalising where your marquee will be installed:

  • Access required to get to your set up point
  • Surface type
  • Surrounding space and distance to other activities or structures
  • Height - tree branches, ceilings etc

6. How portable is the marquee?

We've reached the final aspect of what we consider the best checklist when hiring a marquee and it's a simple one!

Are you planning on transporting the marquee and installing it in a different location when hiring? As an example, having it delivered to your house and then taking it to a park for set up?

If this is a necessity, consider how the marquee is delivered to you by the hire company. The last thing you want is bits and pieces everywhere or a large cumbersome package that is difficult to transport. 

All of the DIY pop up marquees from Brisbane Event Hire are supplied in a single, durable, wheeled, protective bag for ease of transport. They fit across the back seat of a car and can be rolled across most surfaces for set up!


Now that you're fully equipped with the knowledge and necessary details to intelligently select the correct marquee hire company, check out our range of self-install marquees as well as commercial marquee hire options here!

Listen up party people! We have just got our hands on authentic wine barrels to take your next event up a notch.

The wine barrel is the focal décor piece you didn’t know you needed. 

They can be used to sport whimsical floral arrangements, as a place to rest a drink, or simply to add some rustic charm and a unifying theme to your next party.

There are plenty of ways these gorgeous barrels can enhance your event’s atmosphere and we are going to take you through three examples to give you some ideas.

Wine Barrel Hire Brisbane - 4

First, we think it’s important to give a little history of where these barrels came from. These are authentic wine barrels, coming directly from Australian and American vineyards. As you can imagine, the life journey of these barrels is rooted in wine country, some of them having held quality drops for up to two years.

These American Oak barrels have now been completely restored to add that authentic countryside vibe that has become increasingly popular at weddings, functions, and intimate gatherings.

Wine Barrel Hire Brisbane - 1

The rustic-farmhouse wedding theme is a gorgeous way to celebrate our Australian countryside at your wedding. It also gives the opportunity to offset any stuffy, ceremonial vibes with a more comfortable, wholesome feel. Usually used at outdoor weddings, a brilliant way to style these barrels is as floral décor pieces.

Just top the barrels with a gorgeous bouquet and some green foliage to tie together a relaxed theme and add that rustic charm. Another great use of these barrels at weddings is to mark the entrance of outdoor receptions.

They are a great place to hold the guest book, lean the menu against, or top with wedding favours for people to grab on their way in or out.

Pair the barrels with barn tables and hanging Edison bulbs at the reception to pull off that sophisticated rustic look, as well as some flowy white fabric and white flower arrangements to lighten up the colour palette.

Wine Barrel Hire - 3

These wine barrels can also be dressed down for more intimate events. A perfect use for them is to create a unifying theme at a backyard party. The barrels can be used as bar tables, seating four people around or more if standing, creating the perfect gathering spot to encourage mingling and conversation.

This setting is ideal for a family barbecue, reunion, or milestone event, giving people a spot to rest their drinks and catch up.

We recommend renting our Tolix bar stools with this type of event, as well as some simple twinkle lights and other functional décor items such as our half wine barrels that can be used to store and cool drinks.

Wine Barrels in Backyard Party

Corporate functions are another event where a social atmosphere is an important thing to construct. Using wine barrels as bar tables is an aesthetically pleasing and effective way to do this. For this type of event we suggest having them stand alone with no stools to create a more energetic vibe and keep the flow of the event moving, preventing it from becoming stagnant. Top the barrels with cheese boards or something similar to provide a reason for mingling.

A creative and visually pleasing idea if there is no bar at the venue is to use two wine barrels as table legs, topped with a sturdy plank of wood. This will give your event a focal point for people to return to and can also be used as a buffet or as a stylish surface for name tags, business cards, or resources.


We have stacks of authentic wine barrels for hire including delivery anywhere in Brisbane!

As we are sure you have noticed, The Commonwealth Games are in their final stretch. Much like you we have been cheering on our Aussie’s every step of the way, and were honoured to be a part of the celebratory Queen’s Baton Relay as it made its way through Toowong on March 30th.

The Queen’s Baton Relay is a time-honoured tradition of the Commonwealth Games where the symbolic baton carries a message from the Queen to be read at the opening ceremony. The tradition celebrates both the diversity of the Commonwealth, as well as the community spirit within each country. The baton itself is carried by the nation’s top athletes who have or will be competing in the games, so it is basically a golden opportunity to throw a city-wide party while cheering on our Aussie icons.

Queens Baton Relay Inflatable Games

This year the race kicked off along Redcliffe Parade, travelling through Brisbane before ending up in Sherwood Arboretum, cheered on by a huge crowd. Along the way people waited on the streets of Brisbane to catch a glimpse of our much-loved athletes, and that’s where we came in!

Figs on Sylvan hosted the Queen’s Baton Relay Family Fun Extravaganza this Good Friday, welcoming one and all for a day of sports, avid baton spectatorship, and family fun. The day started at 2:30pm and had a packed schedule of live music, giant games, races, sports, plenty of food, and of course, jumping castles!

Queens Baton Relay Event Toowong

We rocked up with three of our top tier castles as well as our monster "Extreme Inflatable Obstacle Course"to bring an extra level of fun to the extravaganza.

First up we had our Basketball Shootout. With three lanes and three individual hoops, this one was a favourite for some sporty competition. Decked out with nine basketballs the game was on for any three players to go head to head, giving our very own Boomers a run for their money.

This is a great sporting inflatable game at events! Not only does it promote healthy activity, it's great for team building, competitions, promotions and just plain fun!

Inflatable Basketball Shootout
Inflatable Twister Game - 4

Next up was our legendary Giant Inflatable Twister. Yep, this is pretty much exactly what it sounds like and you will never want to play basic floor twister again.

Everybody loves twister, and with the giant inflatable edition, people could go hard-core and reach for that yellow like there was no tomorrow. The best part about playing inflatable Twister? Knowing that if you fall, you will bounce right back - literally.

To cap it all off, we brought things up another level with our Extreme 30 Metre Inflatable Obstacle Course. While our Aussie athletes were having a jolly jog through Brisbane, Toowong’s finest amateur racers were neck and neck for the prestigious honour of beating the course first. Seriously, who needs a gold medal when you have conquered 30 meters of climbing walls, punching poles, tunnels, beams, and giant slides?

30 Metre Obstacle Course Jumping Castle

Baton bearer and former Olympian Simon Newcomb ran through the festival mid-afternoon, bringing the moment we were all waiting for. We would like to thank Figs on Sylvan for a truly epic day that celebrated our country’s love of sport and our awesome community, we can’t wait to see you at the next one!

When planning an event, it is always important to strike the right tone. Whether you have a milestone coming up, want to reward your employees, or are just keen to have a little fun, it is important to create the right atmosphere for your guests.

Having helped out with quite a few different types of events over the years, we are pretty much pros when it comes to finding the right vibe for a specific cause. We have therefore decided to make a list of all the different parties for all sorts of occasions we have contributed to, so we can give you some inspiration and guidance when planning your next event.

Plus, we will share how events we have collaborated with in the past have incorporated jumping castles, because who doesn’t want a jumping castle at their next event?!


First up we have the classic birthday party. Whether the birthday girl or boy is turning four or forty, there are a number of staples that can always be called upon for this type of event. Sometimes a nice family dinner at a fancy restaurant is all you need, but often times you will want to make it special, especially if you are celebrating a milestone birthday. For these you have two options: rent a function space or transform the backyard into the perfect party venue.

The first option is pretty straightforward. There are some absolutely stunning function spaces around Brisbane that you can rent out, and many of them will take care of everything from the food and drink, to entertainment.

The only downside is the price. Some venues are rather expensive, and with catering and a bar tab that cost can really add up. A backyard or house party is a more personal and usually much cheaper option that is perfect for a DIYer.

If your space needs sprucing up, it is amazing what a few fairy lights and décor items such as Wine Barrel Bar Tables can do, plus, the food and drink will turn out to be way cheaper.

If the party is for a child or teen, make it a daytime bash and hire our Disco Bouncer for a bit of fun. Pair it with a Slushie machine so everyone stays hydrated.

For an adult birthday, Slushie machines can make terrific and easy cocktails with the added bonus of you deciding the strength.

We have also supplied many 18ths and 21sts with castles to add a little bounce to the evening, and all of this easily applies to anniversaries and reunions as well.

Party Hire Brisbane


Another common event we cater to are school events. Whether it is primary or high school, the important thing here is to make sure there is enough to do that will keep hordes of kids occupied and entertained throughout the day. This is why fetes and carnivals are such a popular option, plus the school usually already has an oval or large hall that can serve as the venue.

We supply a range of food and drink machines that are ideal for fetes, including Fairy Floss, Hot Dog, Mini Dutch Pancakes, and Slushie machines. It all depends on what your aim for the event is. If you are steering the theme and message toward health, one of our obstacle course jumping castles would be an apt addition.

We recently collaborated with a massive two-day event called The House Bounce Battle at Calamvale Community College, which was a total hit. They hired seven of our castles to create a gigantic inflatable world, including two Obstacle Courses, inflatable Hungry Hippos, Slides, the inflatable Wrecking Ball, and more.

This entertained over 1000 kids over the two days, and the cost was easily covered by a $10 entry fee per head, with plenty left over to raise funds for the school.

Jumping Castles for School Fetes


Festivals, fetes, and carnivals are a great option for any fundraiser, especially if you have volunteer stalls selling homemade treats and goods. Having a main event gives a fundraiser a point of focus, allowing time to explain what the fundraiser is for, raise awareness, and give purpose to the day.

This main event can come in many forms, from a fun run where the festival is the start and end point of the route, to a talent show for people within the community to show off for a good cause.

Mercure Hotels raises money for charity with an annual four-day event called ‘Race to Survive’. They go all out with this one, pushing the contestants to the limit with four days of intense physical challenges. One of their challenges included our 30 metre Obstacle Courses to get through, as well as a selection of our other bounce houses and games to give the spectators some fun.

Fundraising through health and fitness send a brilliant message that creates a positive vibe conducive to raising funds for a good cause.

Team Building

Team building days are valuable for any business to build trust and comradery within the workplace. These can be any and every type of event, from team drinks after work to a full-blown gala. The type of event that we find always works well are those centred around team work, physical activity, and just a touch of healthy competition.

Our Obstacle Course inflatables are a great option for team races and relays, encouraging the group to communicate and support one another to reach the finish line ahead of the other team. Another great option is Bubble Soccer, where the players are encased in inflatable balls to add an extra element of difficulty and fun.

Banana Life is a team building business that recently used one of our inflatable games for an event. They set up Soccer Darts to inspire some healthy competition as part of a full day of events aiming to build rapport among the group.

The game involves kicking balls at a giant inflatable dart board which not only takes concentration and skill but can be incorporated in larger team events and competitions. We have recently posted an article with some great ideas for team building events, which you can check out here.

Open Days

Store openings and business open days are a tried and true way to raise community awareness of your business while communicating exactly what it has to offer.

The types of businesses that can benefit from these are usually locally based businesses with a store front, relying on word of mouth and a good reputation to thrive.

Gym open days are a good example where a front of store event can show off what a membership at that gym has to offer. This can be achieved with a simple table out front with some pamphlets and free samples to draw people in.

Coles Store Opening with Jumping Castle

For larger businesses, you might want to think bigger. A new Bunnings at Keperra opened recently, and they went all out to spread the news, hiring our Combo Castles for multiple days at a time and, of course, serving up snags at their trademark sausage sizzle. This not only was a whole lot of fun and drew a crowd, but effectively announced that they were open and ready for business.

Jumping Castle at Bunnings


Last but certainly not least, we have community events. These events can be for any type of community, from universities to churches and even just neighbourhood street parties. Market days are often one of the best ways to create an event for the community that is also created by the community.

You can enlist local businesses to sell their wares and volunteers to sell homemade goods and food items. Just put the feelers out in your community and see what people have to offer, if someone owns a food truck and another sells their own art then you already have the beginnings of a community market.

If you want to go bigger, you can always hire a jumping castle to add to the enjoyment. Eat Street Markets rents from us every Sunday for their family day and our Combo Castles are always a massive hit.

Eat Street Markets Jumping Castle

We hope you enjoyed our top ideas for what is possible at your next event. If you have any questions or need more inspiration, check out our other articles or give us a call!