Camouflage Bootcamp Obstacle Course
Camouflage Bootcamp Obstacle Course Army Themed Inflatable Obstacle Course Camo Obstacle Course 40 Metre Inflatable Obstacle Course

40 Mtr Camouflage Bootcamp Obstacle Course

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0-1 hour day $1,495.00
0 - 2 hour day $1,495.00
for 3 hours $1,495.00
0 - 4 hour day $1,495.00
for 5 hours


0 - 6 hour day

0 - 7 hour day $1,795.00
for 8 hours $1,995.00
for 9 hours $1,995.00
for 10 hours $1,995.00
for 11 hours $1,995.00
for 12 hours $1,995.00
for 13 hours $1,995.00
for 14 hours $1,995.00
for 15 hours $1,995.00
for 16 hours $1,995.00
Overnight $1,995.00
for 2 days $3,990.00
for 3 days $5,985.00
All weekend* $7,980.00
for 5 days $9,975.00
up to 7 day $13,965.00
up to 14 day $27,930.00
for 3 weeks $41,895.00
for 1 month $59,850.00
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Now available for bookings between $500 - $2000

Day hire rates valid between 7am-5pm Weekdays & 8am-4pm Sundays. Overnight rates automatically apply after.

Overnight hire delivered one day and ends 7am the following day.

All weekend hire delivered Friday and collected Monday.

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Our inflatable obstacle course hire just keeps getting better and better. This one of a kind, custom designed Camouflage Bootcamp Obstacle Course measures a staggering 40 metres in length and has every action packed feature available!

Throughout the obstacle course, you'll encounter crawl through spiral wheel, vertical poles, horizontal poles, tyres, a climbing wall, A 3 METRE HIGH CLIFF JUMP, tunnels, beams, BALL PIT and a huge exit slide!

This is the perfect obstacle course for schools, OSHC centres, sports clubs and large events where high turnover is required.

Size: 40 x 3 x 5 (LxWxH in metres)
Area Required: 45 x 5 x 6 (LxWxH in metres)
Access: Direct TRUCK Access
Ages: 8+ Years
Capacity: 20 Children or 14 Adults
Power: 6 x 10amp within 25 metres
Wet/Dry: Dry only

*Additional fees apply where we cannot drive directly to the set up area

Note that the standard delivery cost quoted above is a FLEXIBLE delivery & collection that is NOT restricted and takes place during standard operating hours at a time designated by us (8am-6pm in Spring/Summer and 8am-5pm in Autumn/Winter).

It does NOT include:

  • Before/After hours collection
  • Deliveries where stairs, lifts, steep slopes or additional labour is required
  • Large orders that cannot be grouped with other deliveries
  • A delivery time frame that is fixed (additional costs apply)

Read more about delivery.

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  • All equipment carefully sanitised and maintained
  • Our team members are highly trained in all inventory including inflatables, fun foods, letter lights & party hire
  • Our team members all have blue cards (working with children)
  • All of our inflatables comply with the relevant Australian Standards (AS3533) including material type, anchor points and WHS requirements
  • Risk assessment available upon request for all products
  • On time, every time!


  • Installation included - Inflatables

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